Which Scooter?

Once you have decided a scooter is the right choice for you, there are still a number of factors to consider when shopping for your ideal model.


How you plan to use your scooter will be a major consideration. Many mobility scooters are built to be transported and can be disassembled easily and stowed in the boot of a car. Others are of rigid construction but benefit from having more powerful batteries and greater weight carrying capacity. 

The weight capacity of a particular scooter may impact your decision. Remember that the weight of the rider isn't the only thing to think about. You should also take into account any assistive medical devices like oxygen tanks, as well as the sorts of items you may need to transport, such as grocery bags or laundry.


Consider what speed and distance you are likely to need from the scooter etc?


We will guide you through the devices available from Guernsey Mobility until you are confident that you have found the right one to help maintain or regain your independence.

Our new scooters are from the Electric Mobility Rascal range, which we have elected to stock due to their great reputation for reliability and customer focus. Our prices include delivery, set up and demonstration plus a guarantee period for complete peace of mind. We give you a free service after 1 year and can take care of all of your maintenance, servicing and recovery needs.

Current Price List

Ultralite 480                 4mph Transportable Scooter                                                                            £  995

Veo Sport                    4mph Transportable Scooter with added comfort features                              £1195

Rascal 388 D              4mph Fixed Body Scooter                                                                                £1595

Rascal 388 XL             A popular choice. 6mph Fixed Body Road Going Scooter.                            £1695

Liteway 4                     4mph, Lightweight Transportable Scooter                                                      £1695

Vista DX                      New for 2019. Transportable scooter with spilt battery for easier lifting         £ 1799

Pioneer                        8mph Class 3, Road Going Scooter. 25 stone capacity. Our best seller.       £ 2795

Smilie                           New for 2019. Eagerly awaited airline compliant travel scooter                   £ 2599

Liteway 8                     Class 3 and Transportable giving the best of both worlds                             £ 2995

Vecta Sport                  Stylish and sporty 8mph scooter. 27 mile range on single charge.               £ 2995

Vision 100 Ah              Sturdy and comfortable. The ultimate Class 3 scooter                                   £ 4265

Various used scooters are also available. Please enquire.                                                from         £   350


We understand that you may have many questions, so please feel free to contact us via email at info@guernseymobility.gg to ask a question or request a brochure or a visit. Alternatively call or text Ian on 07911 765917. 



We are proud to stock Electric Mobility and Karma wheelchairs as well as Quantum power chairs, which offer the very best in technical engineering. Due to the individual nature of wheelchair requirements please call Ian on 07911 765917 to discuss specifications and for a quote.

Walkers / Rollators

We supply Z-Tec walkers and rollators. 

Current Price List

ZT Compact        4 wheeled folding with seat and bag        ONLY   £  89   

ZT Style   4 wheeled folding outdoor/indoor. Great for outdoors and cobbles etc     £ 169   

Call us today on 07911 765917

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